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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

  • Rhenus Logistics CZ - Automotive


    Thanks to a combination of modern technology and years of experience in the automotive we provide efficient service with a wide range of value-added services to our customers.

  • Rhenus Logistics CZ - Industrial goods

    Industrial goods

    Whether you require international shipping, domestic distribution or complete supply chain management for industrial goods, we will design and realize the logistical concept for you.

  • Rhenus Logistics CZ - Chemicals


    Providing transportation and storage of chemical products mainly in the field of automotive chemicals, cleaning products, building chemicals or products of petrochemical industry.

  • Rhenus Logistics CZ - Transport logistics

    Transport logistics

    No matter in which parts of the world your freight will be delivered – your recipient will reach you by land, sea and air without any problems.

  • Rhenus Logistics CZ - Transhipment logistics

    Transhipment logistics

    Complete range of port, customs and transshipment services both in ports and storage terminals, enables us to execute the most complex logistic projects.

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1. Contacts  
Info +420 311 716 411 E-mail Sales department +420 311 716 423 E-mail E-mail +420 311 716 111 Automotive +420 311 716 111 E-mail Logistics +420 311 716 305 E-mail ...  
2. Rhenus CZ  
Rhenus Logistics Welcome to the internet pages of Rhenus Logistics Czech Republic that is provider of modern logistics services with high added value. Rhenus Logistics is a part of investment company...  
3. Delivery to Private Person  
Delivery to Private Person The delivery will take place at the kerbside only. As soon as your shipment arrives in the distribution terminal, you will receive a phone call in order to agree on a...  
4. Imprint  
Imprint Rhenus Logistics, s.r.o. Rhenus Logistics s.r.o. Nučice 369 252 16  Czech Republic Phone: +420 311 716 111 Fax: +420 311 716 610 E-mail:  nucice@cz.rhenus.com Legal form:...  
5. Your career at Rhenus  
Your career at Rhenus Would you like to become a member of international logistics company that employs 28.000 peoples in 580 business locations all around the world? Rhenus Group offers many job...  
6. Value Added Services  
Modular services system Every product, every process and every provided service is unique. Our customers can easily select only the service they require. We individually approach to every project or...  
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Thank you for your interest We will get in contact with you as soon as possible.  
8. Our locations  
Our locations  
9. About us  
About us History of Rhenus starts on November 13th when "Badische Actiengesellschaft für Rheinschiffahrt und Seetransport" and "Rheinschiffahrts Actiengesellschaft "set up a joint...  
10. Business Information  
Business Information Logistic and transport experts use specific language, technical terms and refer to many conventions and laws. For easier communication with these specialists you will find here...  
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